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Signs That You Are Dangerously Obsessed With Paul McGillion

Written by me, those in the bold are ones I HAVEN'T done. The scary amount of non-bold ones I am both highly ashamed and amused to say it's true...I did them...

Your room is covered with pictures of him.

Your diary has so many pictures of him you can't write in your homework.

You swoon everytime you see him.

You hire DVDs with him on them, even if he's only in it for ten seconds.

Immunity thread. 'Nuff said there.

You write fanfiction shipping him with yourself.

You plan to propose to him.

You associate him with chocolate sauce and ropes...

You think about him during all your exams and accidentally write Beckett instead of Bethlehem in a Theology exam.

You kiss the TV screen when he's on it.

The first thing you do when you get up is grab a picture of him and stare at it. Maybe kiss it.

You wear an ring on your left ring finger and tell everyone you're engaged to him.

You get angry if he's not in an episode of Stargate Atlantis.

You make countless music videos of him.

You sing "I've got the hots for what's in the box" when you see him wearing a hazmat.

You lose weight for when you will meet him. (never worked for me)

You spend hours looking at his eyes.

You defend him whenever someone says he's old.

You recite "Red, Red Rose" by Robert Burns whenever you think of him.

You want him to recite the above mention poem to you. Complete with the accent.

You don't care if his accent is phony.

You act like you're in love...

You refuse to like Cadman or Perna.

You think of him everytime you hear The Proclaimers.

You give him chocolate.

You envision him covered in chocolate.

You see that scene in Duet (from SGA) when he's covered in dirt and squint and pretend he's covered in chocolate.

You can't live without seeing or hearing him several times a day.

You know all the movies and shows he's been in.

You plan to change your surname to Beckett or McGillion.

You write stories where he is your love slave.
You write a list like this.

You associated yourself with three or more of the list.

You tell your friends your lengthy bridal plans.

Your friends, in an attempt to cure you of your obsession, put money on your proposing to him.

You have picked out "your" songs. (You know...the ones that are special to your relationship)

You have a Beckett clone. Well. Virtually.

You have a REAL Beckett clone. (please send me one if you do!)

You have trouble getting away from the Gateworld Beckett thunk thread.

You went through the whole of the aforementioned thread and saved every picture of him there.
You freak out your friends by talking to them about him.
In the middle of a Latin exam, you get distracted by looking out the window and hallucinate Paul waving at you.
You want to groom him. (refer to Immunity Thread Pt 2)
You see that horrible screencap from The Deal and you cry, then have to watch good Beckett Stargate eps to make you feel better.
You get hitched to him in the Immunity Thread....
You start wearing a wedding ring.
You write love poems for him.
You start seeing him everywhere...and no one else can...
You take a quiz to see which Stargate character you're attracted to - and the result is Beckett!
You have 5 different universes (each comprised of a few stories) shipping yourself with him
Post-Con Additions
You go to a con to see him.

You get him to kneel in a photo

You kneel with him.

You hold hands in said photo.

You get him to gaze into your eyes for photo.

You take the time to notice the softness of his hair on your cheek.

You ask him to marry you and give him expensive chocolate.

You push him onto the dance floor and proceed to dance with him - TWIRLING INTO HIS CHEST!!!!!

You get ANOTHER photo done where his arms are around you.

You HUG him during an autograph session.

You stalk him at wrap party.

You hug him goodbye while saying in his ear "I love you no matter what accent you put on".
You keep finding excuses to touch his back.

You rub your back on his when "going for food" in a crowd.
You send him a birthday card.
You post the pics of you and Paul EVERYWHERE.
You tell people that the guy in your new photos is your boyfriend.

...and they believe you.
Suggested By Others
Your cousin gets married and you like her new husband because (other than having brown eyes) he looks exactly like Beckett. (wraithkeeper)
When you see people with usernames which imply they are married to Beckett and don't take it very well. (mollie
You search for hours for fan vids. (JJ McKay-Beckett)
You cry when you find someone has written a list like this and don't feel so alone in the universe *sniff*(JJ McKay-Beckett)
You create a voodoo doll to make him feel pangs of love for you. (JJ McKay-Beckett)
Sleep in the crook of ur tv pillow and pretend its the crook of his arm. (JJ McKay-Beckett)
Gather unrelenting envy for those who have actually met him.(JJ McKay-Beckett)

Want to make an addition to the list of obsession?

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Nothing says "I digress" better than that.
- The Immunity Thread

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