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Cut the fiction and fantasy...a bit. =D

I hail by HyperCaz (or just plain Caz - I have a phobia of being labelled HC) on the Internet. This name holds no actual clue to my rule name and I'm not even sure how I got it. I do tend to have sugar highs which aren't really stimulated by sugar - I just like to have an excuse to be jolly.
My physical existence involves my fluffy black and white cat, Sebastian - yes named after the crab in The Little Mermaid. He's a wimp, can't climb trees, skizo but will rescue me from cicadas when they attack me on the back lawn. His brother, Mitsu, belongs to my brother and lords over the yard, can climb trees and loves rolling over the keyboard while I'm chatting online.

Most of my interests occupy my thought and time in silly little ways. I have been known to write novels in Maths and read them for enjoyment many years later without ever sharing them. I have loved reading since I was 8 when I discovered the library - a sanctuary from those that would bully me.
Of course, one of my fondest memories from that time was carrying a pocketknife around and halting bullying by brandishing it.
I was raised on scifi, you could say, having being forced to watch the Star Wars OT trilogy at the age of 4; then my parents suggested I watch some random show with them at the age of 8 (later to dominate much of my fanwork - Stargate).
I live and breathe 80s music and movies, having also being raised on them. No day is complete without me blaring synthesized music from my speakers and singing along with the likes of Duran Duran and A Flock of Seagulls. The movies are fantastic in my viewpoint and I also indulge in film and music from the 80s-90s cusp.
I have a passion for history and enjoy losing myself in textbooks about ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. I love geology and Earth sciences - I wanted to be a vulcanologist when I was 8. I study Latin (Virgil's Aeneid book 6 and Livy's history of Rome book 1 currently) and this has enabled me to read signs and news in Spanish while I was travelling in Argentina. 
The biggest adventure of my life so far was a 3 week trip through Argentina (Buenos Aires and some of Patagonia) and Antarctica (mainly the Peninsula and some islands). The plane stopped over at New Zealand so I guess I can include that in my travels...I've also been to Vanuatu and some parts of my own country (WA, QLD, Vic, ACT, Tas and my own state NSW).
I live in Australia, the "smallest continent, biggest island", and hail from the state of New South Wales. I'm a coastal gal and a Sydneysider (in a manner of speaking).
I recently tried my hand at fanart and fanvids, particularly for Stargate, both shows which could be called my current obsession. My Current Untouchable is Paul McGillion who plays Dr Beckett on Stargate Atlantis (met him, hugged him, danced with him, proposed, stalked him at a party).
I may or may not have a thing for Disney movies from my childhood. *shifty eyes*
Vegemite on toast every morning! Born and bred on the stuff. Chocolate is my poison. Don't make me choose between chocolate and Paul McGillion - I'm a dangerous animal when caged.
I play and live for association football (that is, soccer to some) and sometimes manage to set up goals but never score them. 12 years I've played and never scored ONE.
This is the most detailed report of myself in existence on the Internet..."eyes only" for those who bothered to rifle through my website (for which I am eternally grateful, would you like some chocolate?)




Nothing says "I digress" better than that.
- The Immunity Thread

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