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Day 3 - Where's the Hand?

I did not take so many notes this day, but I did still take some.


It all started with the guests being put on stage again and suddenly the people I was with (and me) started singing the James Bond theme song. Elly held out the “Double O Geek” picture to David Hewlett.


Photos began the soon afterwards. A lot less nervous, I queued and happily waited. I had bought more than I intended, but that was alright. I entered the room and knew exactly what I was getting. A hug photo with Paul. He is so incredibly lovely to hug. So incredibly sexy. Hmm. He smells divine and feels divine.


I then greeted David Nykl with “hi bunny boy!” I asked him if he’d do a bunny pose and he suggested we do half the bunny each. So amusing! And the picture turned out with him looking just like a bunny. Then we had a normal pic. I didn’t mean to get an individual with David Nykl, but I gained such respect and esteem for him I just had to. David Hewlett did not impress me so much although he was hilarious and Teryl was great but low of my priorities, so no pics or autographs from Teryl.



The sessions began with Ivy again. Stuff had to be repeated on that day because a lot of people had left, replaced with “newbies”. Then David Nykl came on before Sonny, which was odd (we were later to find out why). A fan asked something about tap dancing.

David hopped (I say that verb for him now) onto the hard part of the floor and he tap danced briefly. It was very amusing! He then mentioned fencing – “take out a Wraith like that”.

He told us that the characters have “gone to a darker place” but Zelenka, not so much. We see more Zelenka at end of season. David hoped to go offworld more and said the name that he’s been dubbed – “Mr Bad News”. About the type of character Zelenka is, “not everyone’s a hero or an adventurer”.

David has his own ideas and suggestions about Zelenka’s back story, but he didn’t elaborate.

Upon coming to Sydney, he said “this place is amazing, these trees are purple”. The purple trees are Jackerandas. David also just had to flush the toilet and see which way it went.

David said of fanfiction – “any type of artistic expression is great”. We’re glad you think so, David! He said that ideas are not taken from fanfiction, probably due to copyright issues or whatnot, and he does not read it for that reason.

When asked about his most embarrassing moment he said being recognised in the bathroom. Although he did say it’s “great meeting the fans”.

David said he does get lost on set, particularly with the non-existent doors if you try to open them and the stairs to nowhere. He said that Torri Higginson and Rachel Luttrell bring their dogs to sets and he brings his occasionally.

Being so close to a train line, there are train noises at the set and trailers. David quipped “Yeah, it’s the train running through the Pegasus Galaxy”. David then attempted an Australian accent with “G’day mate”. Not too bad.

David elaborated a bit more on how he improvises in Czech. He admitted to saying a swear word once but owned up to it so it was removed. He said his script was something like “says something in Czech”.

He called acting in TV commercials an “actor’s bread and butter”, adding that he didn’t regret making any, even when a fan asked if he looked back on it unfavourably.

This was his third convention.

Someone asked if he would like to meet Zelenka as a person. To this David rephrased “Would I socialise with myself?” He didn’t answer that one, but he did say jokingly “It’s the voices inside my head”. He changed it to how Zelenka and himself compare (probably wise, that). David said he is not as careful as Zelenka is.

David did not watch Stargate regularly before he got the role, but he had seen the movie and random episodes. He said that “now I’m a huge fan”.

Everyone plays around a lot of the set, “fooling around 3 seconds” before the shooting begins.

Back to the whale in Grace Under Pressure, David said “still don’t know what it looks like”.

Battlestar Galactia studios are across the freeway from the Stargate ones and David said of appearing on Battlestar Galactica “that’d be cool”. He said that “CSI would be great” and “I love 24”.

David has had vegemite. He even had it for breakfast (while he was watching elly eat it no doubt – elly tells me he sorta smiled at her and I totally failed to realise he was in the breakfast room).

He speaks four languages – Spanish, French, Czech and English. He quoted someone, can’t remember who or the words exactly “as many languages you can speak as many times a man you make”. David has translated plays for theatre in Prague. He added to his language skills – “I can swear in more languages than that”.

When asked about the research he undertook for the part, David answered to everyone’s amusement “being Czech”. He is a huge fan of all things scientific such as astronomy. He reads science books. He said “if I wasn’t an actor, I’d be a scientist”. He’s ended up with both his preferences of acting and science in a way.

Someone mentioned that Zelenka talks with his hands a lot. David, while waving his hands about, said “Zelenka talks with his hands? I don’t know what you’re talking about”. He explained that the microphone was stopping using more hand gestures.

To end the session, David sat on the chair and began seriously “Who are we? What are we doing here? My shoe is stuck.”

David disappeared, leaving the author to come back on again. We didn’t question the change of schedule. Sonny Whitelaw talked a bit more about places she’s been and that.

I think lunch was around here, I can’t be certain. Elly and I bought little koalas and a kangaroo. We also bought a thankyou card and dug out the chocolates she brought. We had a bunny for David already.

Teryl’s turn again. She came in onto the stage and said “oh! Photo!” posing as she said it. She commented that the room had changed from round tables to rows of tables – “it’s like a big school in here” and pretended to use the wall as a blackboard.


She told us about the episode Urgo when Dom Deluise was in it. She said she got emotional when Peter Delusise, instead of saying “action!” to his father, said “any time, Dad.”

Teryl delighted in telling everyone about when Michael Shanks’ had his appendix out and how in the show she got to touch the area which was rather low down.

She then told us an embarrassing story from her life when she was younger. She told us how she’d been at a café or something and had seen a very cute guy. She’d proceeded to go through the flirting movements. As she bent over her Pepsi, she got the straw stuck in her eye!

Teryl spoke of one of Christopher Judge’s pranks on her. She had to run into a room and like to start running early so it looked like Fraiser was really running. As she began running, she nearly tripped. Chris Judge had grabbed the bottom of her lab coat.

Another embarrassing moment was revealed to us by Teryl. She was still in costume, complete with stethoscope, and was balancing a tray of food and some papers. She went to Amanda Tapping’s trailer and bent down to put the tray down so that she could open the door. Her stethoscope stuck to the stairs.

Once again the “on drugs” comment about Fraiser’s death but Teryl added to it “they’re all in rehab – that’ why they did Stargate Atlantis”.

In response to the question if she’d ever had a horrendous day on set, she said it was from Tin Man when she thought for sure she was going to get fired. She was sticking the needle into O’Neill and would draw out clear liquid stuff from a tube that a guy had placed from under the table. She tried so many times, but the needle either bent or broke when she tried to punch it through the tube. Finally, she managed to get it in, marvelling at how real Richard Dean Anderson acted when she’d put it in. Then it was realised – she’d actually stuck it into his skin! They eventually got a paramedic to do it and Teryl added proudly “He’s a paramedic and it took him a few takes too”.

Teryl talked about the relationship between Fraiser and O’Neill. She commented that everyone said that moment in The Broca Divide was very moving. She said that it seemed to move more into sarcasm and her deflection of it.

She said that RDA had a thing for nuts and would flick them at people when the camera wasn’t on him.

Teryl then remembered that Christopher Judge had wanted her to say something. He made a calendar of the women of sci-fi and Teryl gave us the URL ( She also said that there was a making of DVD that could be bought.

Paul McGillion entered the room at this stage. Teryl said “Dr Fraiser is dead”. To this Paul said “Maybe I should revive her.” (I think I’ve found a new ship – Beckett/Fraiser).

Teryl said how people who didn’t recognise her for Stargate but said they knew who from somewhere would ask “Do you work in a doctor’s office?”

She left, leaving it open for Paul.


Paul said that for his first convention he had written notes on the episodes just in case he was asked. He had a few amusing anecdotes about the German convention. He told a little thing about the Scottish convention how they’d asked “where’s the (beep)ing accent?”

Paul said that Martin Wood does a good Scottish accent and that Australians are able to pull off convincing accents.

On the back story of Beckett, Paul said “sweet guy, reluctant hero, lives with mum”. Beckett might be an only child with no Dad. Paul would like Beckett’s quarters to be shown with Scottish paraphernalia in view.
When asked if he was a car what kind would he be, Paul answered “E type jaguar”, adding mischievously “very long in the front”.

Paul tried an Australian accent and pulled it off better than David Nykl. Paul said “cheers mate, you’re the winner”.

I got a random quote on Stargate – “it’s like playing cops and robbers in space”.

On Beckett wearing a kilt, Paul said “probably” then said he didn’t own one himself.

He bruised David Hewlett in the filming of Hide and Seek with the injecting bit.

At this point David H flounced in again, sporting a carry bag. He put the bag on the table and drew out two glasses and a bottle of something alcoholic (couldn’t quite see, elly might be able to tell me). Paul took a swig and, intentionally or not, made a “hic!” sound.


They told us collectively that Joe Flanigan had thrown up in a fighter pilot plane. Both of them started imitating him and I’ve got to say, it was a good imitation. They talked quite a bit about Joe F’s obsession with his hair.

When asked what he’d do if directing an episode, Paul said quickly “I’d fire David” then added that he’d put in Rodney torture (can we call Paul a Rodney-whumper?). Paul said he’d put a lot of comedy into it.

David Hewlett said he has aspirations for direction. He joked that it would be a two parter called “mirror” involving Rodney talking to a mirror with a cliff-hanger at the end of part one.

Paul imitated Joe Flanigan on his hair with “Does that look good? Yeah…that looks good.”

At one point he said that there was a “naughty group” in the room and gestured to the area that elly and I inhabited with the like minded souls like us.

Paul talked about the scene in Conversion with the bugs and how he was blind and deaf because of the night goggles and ear plugs. He said he was told to run towards the gun fire and imitated Jason Momoa – “Dude, I’m going to shoot you”. Paul bravely admitted to being unable to move at first even though he knew there was no danger and that it was only blanks.

It was said that Joe Flanigan didn’t like wearing the bug in 38 minutes. Someone asked again at this point about Joe F’s obsession with his hair. The answer from David (I think) was “No we’re obsessed with his hair”.

The story was told of how in Instinct when Rachel Luttrell’s line was “who?”, only one word, and how she kept forgetting it.

Totally useless information I took down – Paul has a massive television with four remotes.

David Hewlett told an anecdote about an embarrassing moment. While filming an episode where he was playing a sexual predator, he sat on his phone and somehow dialled his girlfriend Jane and put it on speaker phone. David then turned the sound off and put it on the side. He got into the filming again – then the phone began to vibrate noisily. He called the experience “ass-dialling”.

I think Paul left around this time. David explained how the show was done in block shooting so that they’d film all control room scenes at one time. He said they’d go from “lalalalala” to “we’re all gonna die!” in a short space of time.

David said he’d been sucked into reality TV, commenting “it’s like watching a car crash”.

He told us why the character of Zelenka was pulled back in for The Storm. McKay had a heck of a lot of lines and David described it as “McKay, McKay, McKay, Weir: Oh no! McKay, McKay, McKay”. He called Zelenka a “sidekick”.

At one point David Hewlett feigned emotion and someone took a tissue box up to him.

The idea was brought up of an episode where Rodney loses his voices and writes down things for Beckett to say. David quipped as if talking to producers “I got this great idea for an Atlantis episode – it’s called Shush.”

David Hewlett is a huge fan of Firefly and I guess by that has probably seen Serenity.

His goal is to direct, perhaps a low budget film (something like A Dog’s Breakfast, I suspect). He loves the genre comedy/horror and I think he said he liked Shaun of the Dead. He strikes me a zombie person. David’s favourite classic movie is The Shining.

Letters From Pegasus was brought up. David Hewlett cleared his throat, raised his chin and declared “leadership” just the way Rodney did. Everyone burst out laughing. Originally, Rodney was meant to have a brother but it was changed to a sister.

A guy sitting near me mentioned something about those big objects you can find in Australia (eg. Big Banana, Big Merino). David said something about similar things being in Canada. The way the guy near me had said it had sounded rather wrong to those with dirty minds in the room (a lot as it turned out – including David) and David made the old joke of the guy digging a deeper hole. The big merino was explained as having glowing red eyes and an entrance in the backside. David found this interesting but joked that Canadians didn’t have the glowing red eyes due to traffic problems.

He left with the glasses and bottle, but left the tissues behind. He picked them up, then it was pointed out he’d left the bag behind. David went back and bent over to retrieve it, giving the whole room a good look at his assets.

So ended the session. Photos were dished out, if I remember. I had a huge squee-fest over my pics (I have no shame) and a good laugh at David Nykl’s bunny. The person behind me had a rather compromising picture that had Paul standing with a funny look on his face, David Hewlett holding a toy screwdriver thing from Dr Who at a…um…*cough* area of Paul’s jeans. David Nykl was holding a puppet funnel web spider.

The auction began with the notable absence of David Nykl. Paul McGillion explained the absence as best as he good – “David got eaten by a wombat”. The auction just as amusing as the day before, though not as many hugs. Elly got an Antarctica t-shirt signed by all of them (me? Jealous? Perhaps)

Dog tags were auctioned off, creating one of the best moments of the day. Paul put on the Jack O’Neill dog tag and declared “I’m O’Neill”. Teryl put on the Daniel one. “I’m Daniel,” She said, “I feel hot”. David Hewlett was wearing the Samantha Carter ones…you can imagine the comments he made. At the end of the dog tags being auctioned, they all bid the dog tags farewell.



Then came a mcweir promo pic signed by Torri Higginson (or, as David Hewlett kept saying “Torri Hiss” because of her signature) and David Hewlett. It was framed. I couldn’t help it – elly and I had been meaning to say it. I burst out, “Where’s the hand?”

If you see that pic (it’s a season 1 promo pic) you’ll know what I mean. Rodney’s left hand is hidden behind Weir and they both have interesting, suspicious looks on their faces.

David Hewlett’s response – “what?” then looking at it “where is my hand?” We’ll leave that for people to guess. There were more mcweir moments (according to elly and myself” when David Hewlett pointed to another pic of Torri Higginson and said with a grin “she’s my boss” and “me and Torri – we’re at it again”.

Then there was the second zat gun. “The other was mounted” Teryl told everyone then all the dirty minded souls burst out laughing. In other words, nearly everyone. When the zat was sold, Teryl sat on the guy who won. I think it was David Hewlett who said loudly “the zat gun has been mounted”.

Towards the end, David Nykl appeared suddenly. The explanation would come later.




It was autograph time again. Elly and I were at the back of the queue to see if we could sneak them the things we bought. It didn’t work, but I was happy with what happened. I got David Nykl to sign the bunny picture (he advised, as seen earlier in this report, “beware screencaps!” I will add that at one point David Hewlett said that screencaps were never meant to be taken).

Elly had an extra David Nykl autograph token and decided to use it on her perfume bottle. She would have preferred David Hewlett’s autograph. It was amusing and I said cheerfully “bunny pheromones”. I also got David N. to sign the group photo. Next was Paul to sign the group photo. I said to him “no proposal today” and that I must be the only one he hadn’t hugged yet. I pouted. God help me, I pouted.

He jumped up and we hugged. Next I attacked the huge David Hewlett line and had an animated conversation with a woman in line about slash fics. I got David H. to sign the group shot and told him I was a mcweir supporter and he said “alright, cool”.

Elly and I didn’t get to give them the presents (don’t worry, we managed) and we were incredibly late to the wrap party. I immediately engaged in conversation with David Nykl who is very interesting to talk to. The other guests arrived and I made a deal with a friend I’d made that if I helped him talk to Teryl, he’d help me talk to Paul.

So that’s how my friend and I (Andrew, lovely guy) started talking to Paul about CGI and green screens. Andrew mentioned Harry Potter and couldn’t remember the house elf’s name. I piped up “dobby” and had the embarrassing moment of Paul smiling and nodding at me. Paul actually asked if Andrew and I were related and I said “no no!” which may have put Paul off a bit.

Paul wandered off to a food table and I had to restrain myself from stalking. I did go over and push deliberately through the crowd pushing up against his back to get food.

Andrew, with my moral support, got two kisses on the cheek from Teryl and was positively glowing. We then were witness to Paul and Teryl being given little shot glass things. I admit to being part of those who chanted “chug chug!” Then Paul looked suspiciously like he was about to leave.

So I went in for a hug and said in his ear “I love you no matter what accent you put on”. I think that was the only line that I said to him that I hadn’t rehearsed. He said that I was sweet and was shortly gone, Teryl soon following.

Andrew and I then proceeded to listen to David Hewlett talk about movies. David H. did managed to spill alcohol on elly who was standing beside him a lot, grinning. Then David Hewlett began to leave and though I hadn’t really had anything to do with him during the con I hugged him anyway.

Then a crowd of people surrounded David Nykl who was a bit startled, then realised everyone else had left (elly had given the things we’d bought for them, apart from the bunny, to David H’s girlfriend). We pelted him with a few questions about the show which he eventually said to “no more questions!”


He admitted to going out into the city during the day on the train, thus explaining his being late to the auction. He’d wanted to do the Harbour Bridge climb but it took three hours. I think David said he’d do it on the Monday and told us he’d be in Australia for another two weeks (watch out New South Wales!).

Then David Nykl was about to leave so I hugged him and gave him the bunny. He held it up for a photo. Elly told him that David Hewlett had the chocolates. After that, David Nykl left.


And so the con ended a bit early for everyone’s liking.

As to the catchphrase of the day, “where’s the hand?” was it. I soon applied it to every photo I could find. And if I look at the pic of me and Paul from the Saturday close enough…



Nothing says "I digress" better than that.
- The Immunity Thread

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