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Day 2 - He Looked Into My Eyes

Day 1 wasn't a whole day with workshops, concluded with a cocktail party. I was too poor and had malpractice issues with school so I couldn't attend.



First off, the pictures in this were scanned with a crappy scanner and it took off some of the tops of heads. Boo.


The cocktail party I did not attend – but elly did. Elly also made me insanely jealous about Paul but I more than made up for that.




The Saturday began with me wandering if it really was the day. Breakfast was simple and we watched the merchandise being set up (they had everything from Stargate trading cards to Kiss dolls – I do not kid – that had Buffy, Charmed, LOTR stuff). When we snooped around, some lady came and bought a HUGE framed poster that had every autography you can think of. This was before people had come down. Elly bought a mcweir promo pic that Torri Higginson had signed for $AU 50 and then an autograph token for David Hewlett for $AU 20.



We got seats and the day began with photos. I was slightly apprehensive. Somehow we concocted the idea of getting Paul McGillion to kneel. The line shuffled forward and a lady shared with me all the Star Trek autographs she’d got over the past few years. I had bought token thingies to have a photo with Paul and a photo with the three male doctors (Paul, David H. and David N.)


I felt dizzy entering the photo room but the three docs were so nice and sweet! David Hewlett flipped my con ticket thing the right way. I was upset about Paul being so far away in the pic (the David’s were either side of me) but the next one they took Paul was behind me with hands nowhere in sight. Hmmm….



Next they sent off the David’s and it was just me and Paul. A sunburnt and hung over Paul. I asked him if he’d kneel.


“Why?” Was his response, slightly uncomprehending (gosh darn that hangover).


I repeated my request. He took my hand and suggested,


“Why don’t you kneel as well?”


So we both knelt on the floor (hehehehe), my hand in his (his rather nicely sized hand). I got a photo of us looking at each other (oh squee). He was GAZING INTO MY EYES. Those beautiful eyes. Ahhh. Such beautiful eyes looking into my eyes. The next one taken had us looking at the camera, his head leaning on mine (OH SQUEE). He had soft hair…and I know…



In elly’s pic with David Hewlett, David Nykl hopped across the screen. Like the true bunny boy we call him. Elly laughed and said “you don’t know how funny that is”. Note in my signed pic that David Hewlett was wearing a red flower. Elly had given that to him the night before. Also note the love heart that David Hewlett drew – that was because of our photos being developed late.


Then it was the question/talk times. The first two were the Stargate author Sonny Whitelaw (who has been places I really want to go) and Ivy Isenberg (sp?) a casting person with spunk. Ivy also gave out little gifts and I ended up with an SG1 t-shirt.


Then David Nykl was clapped in.


Questions had been written and given to the announcer. Elly and I had (chuckling) given in that lovely screen cap of Zelenka looking like a bunny with the question “what do you think of the nickname ‘Oma’s Bunny Boy?’”


I believe it was one of the first asked – after he had hopped around the room a bit. I burst out laughing and put my face on the table. David Nykl looked at the picture and asked,

“Who’s Oma?”

It is sad that he didn’t know. I think the announcer pointed us out – either that or David saw me laughing my face off – because he did come over to our table. Elly tried to briefly explain who Oma was. David showed the room and told all that it was from the ep Letters From Pegasus showing “buck teeth”.

On the matter, he told us that they were tossing up shooting the camera thing in Letters From Pegasus in English or Czech. I forget who it was, but someone was determined for the Czech version so only filmed it in Czech – at 6am in the morning. He then added “these things happen”. He did say after this “Oma’s bunny man…” We didn’t correct him.

David gave us a run down of his bio and showed more spark at the funny guy he could be with “25 words of less – of who the hell is this guy”. A young woman had a question from a website that liked David. The question was “when is Zelenka going to take off his shirt? Preferably wet?” David quipped that he didn’t know what time he had at the con. He also said it would be a “really hard email to write to Brad…and some oil please…”

David enforced that we has not in the pilot of Atlantis. His first appearance was 38 Minutes where he was just meant to be fixing something and say something in Czech (“give me 3” as it was and apparently fans in Prague had it written on t-shirts when he went there). David told us how he chose to show his face by fixing something at the top of the ‘jumper, not the bottom.

The name “Radek Zelenka” is like the English “John Smith”.

On Grace Under Pressure, someone asked if he’d got wet for that one (the wet, shirtless thing became a running gag). David told us about the green screen and I quote “there’s the whale”. Whales! So Zelenka is definitely in the ep and David said that the entire intention behind the ep had been changed.

The relationship between Rodney and Zelenka is meant to be competitive and the way it is. “Zelenka is smarter,” David assured us. When they are trading barbs, they have the general outline of what they’re talking about with a basic script but they do improvise a bit. Improvisation is a good idea, considering that David told us about the tape marks around the consoles he has to stand on. The Czech is all improv.

David is a fan of absurdist drama with duologue comedy. TV is very unlike theatre and I quote David “not crossing the line between being…ham and an actor”.

On Atlantis going for 9 more years, “it would be fun, wouldn’t it?”


On being asked about the mattress in his room, “oh these hard hitting questions”.

About someday becoming a regular, David hopes so. He ran to the table at the front and knocked on the wood for season 3 luck. Evidently Fraiser was on everyone’s mind when the question was asked about Zelenka being killed off. David said “I’m worried you guys might – you’ve got the weapons” and about a particular scene standing next to Torri “if something comes through the ceiling it will kill both of us”.

More on McKay from David – “he’s in peril, I’m saving his ass, he’s wrong, I’m right” and later “and say sorry, you got it wrong”.

Zelenka’s back story and just who he was talking to in Letters From Pegasus was answered with “let personal questions be” and “someone back on Earth”. David said, possibly lamented, that scientists and Athosians aren’t put together in scenes often. When asked if there was anyone he wanted, it sounded as if he said “Teyla” under his breath. Heheh.

David rides his bike to set. He then continued the wet topless gag with “take my shirt off and rub myself in oil…take pictures of that and post it on the net…ooh, how did that get there?”

David recently had a role on Merlin’s Apprentice (starring Sam Neil) with an accent he described as “Scottish something something”. On putting on accents, he advised “don’t unless you know”.

Zelenka has a sister! David’s response to that tidbit he got recently was “oh…okay. Now there’s that”.

The session ended with him being asked if Zelenka was “ever tempted to slip Rodney a lemon meringue pie?” David replied – “Lemon meringue pie in [the] face”

Next up, Teryl Rothery bounded into the room and said brightly “hey everybody!”. She commented on how great Panadol was (we were not surprised, considering the previous night). Those like me who’d never been at a con with her before were dubbed “Teryl-virgins”.

The session began with the death of Fraiser. Teryl said with indignation “I get a staff blast to the chest. What does Shanks get? To ascend.”

Although she said, “they can’t being me back, but no one dies in scifi” she did mention “a little surprise”. And the saddest thing about the death Teryl said Janet had “never been laid”. Her words in good humour and to cheers on those who orchestrated the death “they were on drugs”.

“They wanted to shake things up,” Teryl said sadly, “But kill off Hammond!” She added that she was “really upset” but did say of the Ori “what great storylines”. The possibility mentioned by a fan was Fraiser coming back as an Ori. Teryl said to this that she would like Fraiser to come back “evil and sexy”. She does read fanfiction and happened across a very sordid NC-17 rated fic involving Fraiser…and many…

She just had to add “I digress” which had elly and I trading grins. (Immunity, people, immunity – I swear David Nykl and Teryl read our thoughts). Teryl told us the Don D. Davis and Ruby story (so cute) and how Don and Ruby got to together, found kissing in Teryl’s kitchen. Her story differs from Don’s it was pointed out and a great burst of static sounded to which Teryl said “sorry, Don”. It was funny.

A fan asked her what she thought of Cassie’s absence from Heroes. Teryl blinked and we found out she didn’t know! She hadn’t even seen the episode because she thought it would be too sad. She did seem upset about Cassie’s absence listing off all the things that’s happened to Cassie finishing with “and now they kill off me”. The lack of tears (although Sam did cry) led Teryl to ask of crying “not even what’s his face – chevron 7 encoded?”

A 13-yr-old boy chanced a question. Teryl asked him to come up on stage because she couldn’t hear him, mortified that she had said some things that a 13-yr-old might not need to hear. He was taller than her and she was wearing heels. Teryl tried to cover for her Frasier getting laid comment by saying to him “on her off days, Janet lays carpet”. He asked “is it true Amanda Tapping and you have a little fantasy off set?”


The whole room cracked up. Everyone in the room had a dirty mind, I tell you. Teryl gaped, laughing. The poor boy elaborated saying how they’d “played around”. The room just laughed harder.

Someone’s phone rang – and these were not meant to be on at the con. Teryl said she didn’t mind and took it, saying into the phone “ask her where she is – she’s at an exhibition”.

Someone asked about Sam/Janet and Teryl quipped “As in the people who want Sam and Janet to lay carpet together?”

Teryl mentioned that she and Paul McGillion had been in acting school together!

She doesn’t watch Stargate, which is a shame.

Teryl has always wanted to act but as a kid she kept saying “movie star!” when asked what she wanted to me.

When asked what she thought about Lexa Doig replacing her, Teryl said of the fan who asked “wants to get me in trouble”, adding “I don’t know.”

Then Teryl told us the Heimdall story. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard. The eyeline and red light thing was hilarious. And she told us Don S Davis’ reaction which sent us into more of a laughing fit (she imitates him really well – she says that she and Don are like father and daughter) Imitating Don – “Well, hey hon, this is the first time I can look you in the chest and not get into trouble for it”.

RDA kissing Heimdall’s head – incidentally Teryl’s chest – “Heimy, you’re just so darn adorable”.

Teryl left to thunderous clapping. Lunch! Elly and I hung with Deliham (another online friend) who I failed to realise was in fact Australian and knew elly from some camp or another. 3 databasers and Deliham’s sister out for lunch.

Afterwards, it was…

A much sunburnt and hung over Paul McGillion. He sat down and launched into things by saying how he got the part and how he could have done an English accent for it.

The anecdotes involving his parents were so amusing. While he pursued an acting career, his father showed him clippings from the newspapers for jobs but when Paul got a part said “that’s fantastic, you’re an actor”.

Then it was the Star Trek anecdote. So amusing. I might just add that Paul imitates his Scottish parents really well so I’d say it’s not a hugely fake accent that he can put on. He rang up his parents and said he’d got the part of Dr Beckett in Stargate. His father said “Star Trek”. “No, Dad, Stargate”. “Star Trek”. This continued for a little pit. Paul’s father said “it’s not bloody Stargate, it’s Star Trek!” So amusing. Then it was the “oh I couldn’t – just a wee bit” story about his parents at the set of Stargate.

I have a couple of quotes here I can’t place the context of, but it seems they were to do with the wet/shirt question that David Nykl was asked. Paul said of a fan “naughty, naughty lady” and quipped “primarily because I took my shirt off and got wet”.

Whenever a female fan asked a question he didn’t want to answer or didn’t understand, Paul said “I’m single”. And to men, I give you an example… “Yes, sir? I’m not single.”

Paul has a brother doing a PhD in medicine so rings him up to understand some of the jargon. Paul has a science background at uni.

On the differences between Beckett and himself, Paul said “I’m much more handsome than he is”. And dang it, he’s right.

Paul was the first person cast on the show. When the cast got together for a reading, he introduced himself to them with his normal Canadian accent. When they started going through the script he spoke with the Scottish accent and he said of their reactions “what the hell is he doing?”


Paul revealed that there would be a thing on the season 2 DVD box set about Beckett (ex-cel-lent). Season 2 is again 17 eps, he thinks. He said there was more Beckett in the last half of the season. He also hinted that he would become dark for Beckett due to the Wraith retrovirus thing. It’s a character arc, or so he said. It becomes a “moralistic struggle”.

On his character, “fish out of water”, “cowardly lion”, “feisty” and “can shed a tear”.

At this point, David Hewlett burst into the room and said he’d heard it was boring. He bounded up to the stage and took a seat next to Paul. Of course the Duet thing was brought up. Paul quipped that David kept wanting to rehearse the kiss again, saying “he kissed me and that was horrible. Terrible kisser too”.

He added about Beckett “passed around like some kind of toy”.

They mentioned some dark control room scene in the Long Goodbye but nothing more was said.

David attempted a Scottish accent and Paul said “forget the Scottish accent, I’m the Scottish character!”

Oh what to put here! David Hewlett and Paul McGillion really are quite an entertaining team! I will skip most of the banter and cut to the chase. David was said to be the most like his character than any other on the cast – and that’s right. He was paranoid about the creatures in Australia to a funny degree.

On an Australian character in the show…well. Paul said “that would be great” and adding that he’d like an “Australian nurse – someone for Beckett to groom” (Oh my god they’ve got to be reading elly’s and my minds - they stole that from us!)

I managed to get Deliham to ask Paul about inanimate object shipping, specifically checkett. David said cheerfully “it’s the only thing he’d have a romance with”. I forget who said the following two things but they were in a row “The chair is getting a bit old” and that Beckett is “moving on to the couch”.

Asked about future romance for Beckett, I can’t remember if it was Paul or David who said “as opposed to a chair”.

“He’s the geek to my cool” David said of Ronan. Paul admonished to the crowd’s increasing delight “be honest with them for God’s sake”.

There was a revisit of the scene where Rodney was hanging upside down. David added that Rainbow Sun Francks was trying to remember his line. Poor David, hehe. He advised people not to eat fish before hanging upside down.

David admitted to being a sci-fi guy and Paul watched the original Star Trek. David’s blow up Dalek was mentioned.

Paul: I don’t want to know what he does with it.
David: It periodically needs to be reinflated.

I think this was another Beckett romance thing: Paul on Teyla: “looks sick, I need to take care of her more often” (wink wink). He then added “those Hoffans are really sexy”

On being asked about going out with women wraith, Paul said “you are a dark, troubled man” and David added “Answer’s yes.”

“There’s a little moth,” Paul said as a moth fluttered in front of them.

“Does it bite?” David asked.

“Funnel moth.”

“We’re trained actors – we’re not easily distracted” – so David said after the moth distraction.

David seemed to find Australia dangerous. He swam into a pod of jellyfish and I quote “play with the jellyfish, they like it”.

The topic came back to Duet and how Paul was told David was ok with it and David was told Paul was ok with it. They claimed to be duped.

In January, there’s plan of a movie that David Hewlett wrote (I think also directing, not sure) and that David’s girlfriend Jane is producing. It stars Paul McGillion and David Hewlett’s sister (who has aspirations of acting and will be playing Paul’s character’s love interest). The movie’s current title is A Dog’s Breakfast. At first I thought there were kidding, but the next day it seemed confirmed.

And a quote I think goes with that “involves an inflatable…something”.


Paul left. Sniffle. David Hewlett said cheerfully, “Hi, I’m Paul McGillion”. David is a highly entertaining person.

Here’s goss for you! David Hewlett was asked to play the part of Orlin in SG1, but his working schedule didn’t allow it. The part of McKay on Atlantis was originally called Ingram.

Now, all you mcweir shippers out there, listen in (you too, shweirers!). Elly asked if Rodney and Elizabeth are ever in transporters together.

David Hewlett said (he was not serious, but gosh it’s good) “Yes!” adding on transporters that they are “very small and get very hot”. He continued “I’m more than happy to be in a transporter with Weir.”

David said of P90s “I don’t know which way to hold them”.

He shared an interesting story about when he was on the plane next to Richard Dean Anderson. David was highlighting his script – a lot of words as it turned out and pages and pages. RDA had a little scrap of paper with very little highlighting.

David: You get paid for that?
RDA: The key is, David, you get that [referring to the length McKay parts] wrong. Then they reduce you to that [his scrap].

David doesn’t like any of the uniforms, but he was happy with the season 2 promo pic that had him “dressed like a GAP kid”.

On the series Friday the 13th, “that’s a lot of hair ago”.

After a fan’s comment on a role he’d done, he quipped “That’s one of my talents – naked white butt.”

That was it for the session.
I get a bit hazy about the scheduling of things, but I know there was a point that elly and I didn’t get our photos because they weren’t developed (we got them the next day). The auction!

Oh gosh! David Hewlett, David Nykl and Paul McGillion are hilarious when put together trying to auction things. Teryl was also very funny as the sales lady taking the items around and sitting on laps. Paul did go on laps also. He sat on one and said how wonderful and comfortable it was. He then – I do not lie, I swear – BOUNCED on this lady’s lap and was quite happy to stay there.

They made a joke of it as Paul got up – asking for a blanket…lol…Paul put on a funny walk also. (You know what THAT means)

Elly bid for things at the auction but didn’t get anything on that day. The prices were nuts – a zat gun went for $AU 1000!

I wish I could remember more, but I know it was hilarious. Then it was autograph time!



Why do I always end up near the back of the line? Elly and I followed the slow queue. I grew very nervous, clutching my chocolate. Yes, it was time. It was time to offer a complete stranger expensive chocolate and ask him to marry me.

I bought two promo photo things for him to sign.

I got on my knees. And I said, “Will you marry me?”

Paul seemed bent on taking the chocolates first. He said with a smile,

“I’m not sure about marriage, but I’ll take the chocolate.”

And he added that he loved chocolate. As if I didn’t know that! He signed one “To sexy Caz” and the other “To sweet Caz”. Ah…SQUEE! He said, handing them to me “there you are – you’re sweet and sexy”.

\/ click to enlarge \/



Then it was the banquet! The guests sat at tables away from us (sniffle). I watched Paul for a bit, I admit. He did a pose that I recognised from something that Beckett does – notably Poisoning the Well – when he scratched the hair behind his ear. Ah, delightful. Then David Hewlett’s head got in the way and I was finally able to hear what elly was saying to me.

As it was the last con by those who’d organised it, there were thanks and goodbyes and reminiscing involving words of William Shatner. Birthdays were announced and elly got hugs from Paul and David Hewlett (PM said as he hugged elly “Australian women smell fantastic”). Then it was time to “groove” (I forget which guest said that!)


Elly and I danced! There was the Nutbush and Time Warp which everyone on the dance floor danced in lines to. We freaked them out, I think. The lovely Canadians were giving us weird looks…but I swear I saw them looking a wee bit too intently at us on the “pelvic thrust” bit of the Time Warp.

At this point, I saw Paul leave his seat and hide in the corner of the room. He had been sitting closest to the dance floor before that. After some time he sat down again and just as I, by chance (HONEST!) glanced at him, he glanced at me. Ahh, eye connection.

He made the mistake of walking past the dance floor.

I want to heartily apologise but squee for the events that followed.

A short woman started trying to pull Paul onto the dance floor. He might have got away – if I hadn’t given him a push from behind. Paul ended up in the middle of a circle of dancing women. He had a “help!” look on his face.

I was one of those that took his hands and danced. Ahh…hang on…SQUEE! I suck at dancing. But I did twirl and made sure to twirl into his chest. The surrounding sound from some was “wooo!”

Paul fled shortly afterwards. So sorry, Paul, but I loved every moment of it.

Elly and I danced and danced and danced. Then bed.

So ends day 2. My catchphrase that I said A LOT that day had been “he looked into my eyes”. Oh yes. Paul had looked into my eyes.



Nothing says "I digress" better than that.
- The Immunity Thread

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