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"Tears are the liquified crystal of the heart"...yeah that's one of mine.


Artemus Gordon: She's a breath of fresh ass. 

MacGyver: The only arguments I ever had with my mother were about bedtime. I finally had to let her stay up until ten.

Bruce Banner: You're making me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

John Constantine: Yeah, what kind of mental patient kills herself? That's just crazy.

Will Stronghold: Surprised? So am I.
Iolaus: Have you ever been wrong?
Hercules: I thought so once, but I was wrong.
Autolycus: There's a concept called personal space. Look into it.

Xena: My grandmother used to sit in this chair and rock and tell me stories of the Olympian gods.
Ares: Bet she didn't know you'd grow up to kill most of them.
Darien: My conscience was calling, and it was time to pick up the phone.

Danny: It's not illegal to cheat a cheater.

Judge: Mr. Deline, if you don't put away that cell phone, you will be in contempt of court and will spend Valentine's Day in jail with a cellmate named "Bubba".


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Addams Family (90s)

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Nothing says "I digress" better than that.
- The Immunity Thread

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