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BOBW 26 - Stargate Convention

The best time of my life! I met new people. I met some of the cast. I met the love of my life!

I attended the BOBW November 2005 Stargate onvention in Parramatta, which was to be the last one arranged by that company. Guests were SGA actors Paul McGillion, David Hewlett, David Nykl, SG1 actress Teryl Rothery, author Sonny Whitelaw and casting direction Ivy Isenberg.
As it was a last con of sorts, it was fantastic! Cheaper rates (I realise now) and much more exposure to the actors than any con I've read about. A stellar group of people (not to mention gorgeous Paul...).
The company, Best of Both Worlds, has since run a "reunion" con and hopefully will organise more.
The photos I paid for and those I am borrowing were taken by BOBW's photographer Peter Fallon. His photography can be found at Castle Software Australia. Navigate enough and you'll find the BOBW pics.



Nothing says "I digress" better than that.
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