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HyperCaz's Time Warp

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If you ever feel like buzzing me or just pointing at my name...

I'm usually friendly to chat to...hehe. So drop me a line on MSN or in a polite email. Just as long as you say who you are when I ask!! Or, if it takes your fancy, you can sign my guest book which can be found on my home page.
I write poetry and stories, original and fanfiction. If you're interested in that stuff, you can look up my works. However, I don't post my best stuff in original for fear of plagerism.
I also post a lot of photos on deviantart.
The kind of thing that grows and mutates from late night MSN conversations where things go wild and risque...and characters come to life. Mostly Stargate characters, but still a funny read even if you haven't seen the show.

I do like to rant and bore people with the facts of my life sometimes. *in tones of Wolverine* Afraid you might like it?
Everything in my warped little mind from daily thoughts to the crazy things that happen to me - and diatribes of every fandom under the sun. Updated daily.
This blog is for heaps of things. I do like to avoid being silly and random in it though. I post some poetry here. Rarely updated.
Absolutely random bizarre RPG/fanfic/texty thing. References to shows such as Stargate and Kommissar Rex.
salve! HyperCaz sum. a posse ad esse...Caecilius in horto est. The Who-Am-I-Kidding-I-Don't-Really-Know-Any-Latin blog. (not updated for a while)



Nothing says "I digress" better than that.
- The Immunity Thread

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