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Lois and Clark

A Superman show that was great and amusing, but slipped backwards after two seasons.

Mrs. Platt: I like your costume.
Superman: Thank you, my mom made it for me.
Perry: [to empty chair] No heroics buddy.

Clark: I did get things out in the open, starting with "will you marry me."
Lois: No, I got things out in the open starting with "you are Superman."

[Tempus puts on glasses]
Tempus: Look I'm Clark Kent.
[takes them off]
Tempus: Look I'm Superman!
[puts them on]
Tempus: Mild mannered reporter...
[takes them off]
Tempus: Superhero! Hello? Duh! Clark Kent IS Superman!

Lois: A mild mannered reporter really a superhero? Clark, come on.

Perry: If you went up there to those windows and told me you could fly, I'd back you up. I'd miss you, but I'd back you up.

Lois: He's a man I'm a woman. Do you want me to draw you a diagram?

Lois: Let me get this straight. You eat like an eight year old and you look like Mr. Hardbody. What's your secret and can I have it?

Martha: Well, one thing's for sure. Nobody's going to be looking at your face.
Clark: Mom!
Martha: [laughing] Well they don't call them tights for nothing!

Perry: Real nice kid, millionaire by the time he was your age.
Jimmy: Yeah, well I had the mumps in sixth grade, kind of slowed me down.

Perry: Great shades of Elvis!

Mayson Drake: Stop the presses! I've always wanted to say that in a newsroom.
Lois: Nobody ever says that, you know. It's just on television.
Mayson Drake: Well, sure, but it still felt good.



Nothing says "I digress" better than that.
- The Immunity Thread

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