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HyperCaz's Time Warp

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The Quantum Mirror Version

Caz swears this is how her life has been...but she has been escaping Pinochio's clutches for a few years.

Once upon a time there was a person called HyperCaz. She was the only daughter in a small family. Her parents were PapaCaz and MamaCaz and her brother was Cazy. She thought she was normal until a series of rather bizarre things happened to her.
While out looking for the trail of boogies the Boogie Man had left behind (he was running from the Boogy Man, his brother), Caz stepped into a toadstool ring and was turned into a Karma Fairy. This didn't change her nature - she was already nice. But the wings were a bit hard to hide. So Caz had her wings clipped by a handy Whitelighter.
This straightened out, she thought she could get on with things. Alas this was not meant to be. While out walking out in bunyip territory, Caz got in the way of a flying Delorean and was left by the side of the road with Skippy. She woke up in hospital a Time Lady. She thought this was pretty cool until she ate an egg backwards.
Caz then fell into the Time of Great Disturbingness. She was lucky to befriend one in a similar state of displacement and abnormality - Ellymelly. Unfortunately, this new friend was witness to Caz's Great Disturbingness. Caz was christened Side Show Bob, an evolution of the title "slash/12/hot" of which one third was not her fault.
She then tried to forget about all of this but she fell into the Immunity Thread with Elly and another befriended called Sini. They formed the Pillow Sisters. Caz found almost normalcy when she started dating Carson Beckett. Soon the happy couple was engaged...and it was discovered that Beckett was a half-Furling.
What followed was the great trials and tribulations of the crazy Immunity Thread. Caz realised by all this that the Time of Great Disturbingness had never, and probably would never, end.
She finally got married to her half-Furling, Beckett and all was good. But then, after all this, her father dropped the bombshell that he was PapaCaz in some circles and Marvin the Martian in others. He informed his daughter that she was a half-Martian.
Caz stared at the sky and wondered why things in her galaxy were so confusing.
Following this Caz's beloved Beckett was killed due to an exploding tumour - of all things. Devastated, Caz took up residence in the backseat of a Chevy Impala, helping the Winchesters kick some demon butt in her time of grief. But that got a little tense after a while, so she settled down in Seattle.
Caz even took up a casual job at the Work Bench and unwittingly stumbled across Hell's newest bounty hunter. However, she preferred not to involve herself with such affairs and instead spent her days keeping an eye on her work mates and wondering why there was always a Trans Am and Mustang hanging around in the parking lot. With swiping red lights.
Homesick and repulsed by the idea of her beloved becoming a clone, Caz left that continent and returned home to Australia, whereupon she explored her Martian roots. On such a search, she got stranded out in the Pacific Ocean and had to be rescued by the HMAS Hammersley.
Once safely back in Sydney, Caz knew that the only way for her to truly be free of her late husband would be to travel. Therefore, she has been spending the last few months on Corellia.








Nothing says "I digress" better than that.
- The Immunity Thread

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