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Those that populate Immunity - Goa'ulds, Furlings, Tau'ri and replicators to name a few.

Main Cast
The Pillow Sisters
Ellymelly (Elly):
HyperCaz (Caz): Married to Beckett and is secretly the superheroine Chocoholic. Gets jealous easily and often gets into arguments with the narrator.
Sini_(Sini): She was the one who was originally immune - the reason why this insanity started. She remains to be the only one to remember/use GT's real name. She has been shipped with the Immunity itself.




The Rest
Carson Beckett: A half-Furling and the brother of Cousin It. Married to Caz and very protective. Has very, very WEIRD friends (eg. Black Hole, Samara, Sauron). Known to wear black leather when the mood strikes him.
Rodney McKay: Constantly bested in arguments and often the butt of jokes. He fancies Elly and competes with Ba'al for her attention.
Daniel Jackson: Has some intellectual input and finds the whole situation very confusing. He hads a crush on Oma, had a fling with a woman called Seanait and is known to fancy Janet Fraiser.
Radek Zelenka (aka Bunny Boy): A late arrival to the thread. He is chased by a rather obsessive Oma who calls him her "Bunny Boy". He has been made into Oma's prior.
Gate Technician (GT): Provides drinks, food and misc items to everyone. Experiements with new drinks.
Ba'al: The superior Goa'uld of those in the thread. He fancies Elly and puts down Rodney in every way possible. Dangerous if armed with a hand device. Has a soft spot for Lulu the Pink Pillow.
Anubis (Nuby): A pathetic Goa'uld who has stupid ideas and at one stage split into two. Has an unhealthy obsession with Oma. Will fight Daniel about it.
Ra: A Goa'uld who is constantly groaning about the antics of Nuby.
Oma (Trouble) Desala: Started out as an Ancient that antagonised everyone with her wisdom. She then started liking Zelenka and joined the Ori to force him to her will. She made Zelenka her prior.
Thor: Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet, he gets a bit shifty. Linked with the song Be Prepared. He beams things at will and his finger will "slip". Studies Tau'ri behaviour.
Replicator: Elly's pet replicator that speaks only when it wants to. Will reveal teeth and grind ominously if challenged. Enjoys biting Rodney. The replicator can also turn into various technological items (eg. CD player, TV, etc)
Heimdall: An Asgard, takes notes on Tau'ri behaviour with Thor and will conveniently forget what Asgards are meant to do. There is much debate if Heimdall is female or male.
Black Hole (BH): The black hole that inhabits the closet and occassionally the ceiling of the room. A very good friend of Beckett's and will torment everyone but Caz and Beckett. Brings new things into room and can expand the closet.








Regular Guests
Aiden Ford: Arrives by beaming often to say one or two lines before disappearing. He says "dude"a lot and is angry when people steal lines, his especially.
Superevilchair (SEC): A chair, perhaps Ancient, that is intent on forcing Caz to write shweir for the rest of her days and destroying the ship of Becaz. Constantly being beaten by Caz and Beckett.
Lulu: The mysterious Pink Pillow was once nameless. Unknown. Then on one miraculous psychedelic day, Ba'al found her. She became Lulu, Ba'al's cuddly pie and snuggle bunny.



Special Guests
The Tollan High Council (TTHC): They were called in by Sini to help with soundproofing the closet. Their help was solely be being there.
Jack O'Neill: Distracted from fighting Ba'al by red jelly. Can be seen trying to get Sam Carter's attention and affection. He once spied on Pete and was called in to help those of Immunity with a problem no one was ever sure of. Very trigger-happy. Or should I say C4-happy...
Samantha Carter: Joined Jack in helping with the supposed problem and made fun of Rodney. Participated in Twister with Jack. She teases Jack and her "happy place" is either Pete or Jack.
Chair: The chair from Atlantis. Those who drink a BC (Beckett/chair) and pass out will be transported to BC dreamland and be tormented by the chair.
John Sheppard: Very messy hair and banned from the thread due to this. When he did, he came back. He thought he had cute looks and is the playboy of the Pegasus Galaxy.
Janet Fraiser: Ascended being and sweet on Daniel.
Teal'c: Seen very rarely in the same fashion as Ford.
Ori: Rejected Nuby's application.
Elizabeth Weir: Involved with Random McWeir moments in the thread and has an attraction to Rodney but does nothing to avoid Elly's wrath.
Hermiod: Popped in to play reverse strip poker with Thor and Heimdall.





Franwich (aka Fran, hids, Random Friend of Caz's & Bridal Expert): A friend of Caz's who plans weddings and is married to Draco Malfoy.
Pink Doughnut(s): Glows brightly and floats. Edible and tastes like Pete.
Sales woman: Sold new clothes to Zelenka.
Huge Clawed Foot: Randomly came through the ceiling.
Pocket(s) of air: Like to trip up people.
Aliens in silver underwear (lead by Alien Leader): They are the Intergalactic ICG Task Force and chase up violations in the thread. They fear the phrase "I digress".
Narrator (aka Third Person Narrator Thingy): Says all that is in the asterixes and will be verbally abused at times. Mostly reliable.
Omnipresent Immunity Voice (OIV): A narrator of sorts that can be argued with.
The Ghost of the Thread: Likes making fun of people, particularly Rodney.




Fox Mulder: Persistent alien spotter. Has attraction to Scully.
Scully: Mulder's partner. Does not like Zaphod Beeblebrox.
Cousin It (aka Hairy Thing): A Furling and is Beckett's brother. If heard speaking properly by others, has a deep voice. Thinks little of Caz. Can be a minister at weddings.
Zaphod Beeblebrox: Self-centred and amusing, he has trouble remembering names. He has a liking for rodeo surfing machines. Has an unknown bet with Ba'al.
Van Helsing: Very short appearance. Thinks he has a pretty face and does not like people making fun of Oklahoma.
Marvin the Martian (aka PapaCaz): Owns a UFO and is the father of HyperCaz.
Marvin (aka Paranoid Android): A depressed robot who was sent at one point to find Zaphod.
Mr Miyagi: An ascended being that taught karate, but majored in tutoring half-Furlings.
Princess Leia: One of her dresses was stolen by Caz.
Clark Kent & Lex Luthor: Watched the wedding on TV, the latter having met Beckett.
George Lucas & Michael Jackson: Reside in the trash compactor of the Death Star.
Talkie the Toaster: Possessed talking toasters that is very lathal. Often given as wedding presents.
Samara (aka Raspy Voice): Scary but has been slipping into cheerful habits due to watching The Simpsons. A business friend of Beckett's.
Bruce Banner: Short appearance in Ford fashion.







Nothing says "I digress" better than that.
- The Immunity Thread

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