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The Truth, More or Less (2009)

Finally a revised version! A lot can happen in 4 years.

Even since MSN gaming zone christened me HyperCaz (apparently CrazyCaz was taken), I have gone by this name. It was a name I fell back on to give myself anonymity on the Internet - but it was mainly used as my radio name for my 3-hour show on the weekends, interspersed with something horrible known as high school. It was in 2005, when I should have been studying, that this website was born.
Those days are over.
As I approach my 20th birthday, and attempt to peer through the veils of time to my future, I find myself still addicted to many of the same things - teleivsion shows, movies, books, fandoms...chocolate. New addictions have been collected along the way (dieting, 90s nostalgia) but in many ways I'm the same person.
Many ways not. I actually have self esteem now. Oh, and I have dual citizenship these days. Australian AND English.
I'm a uni student who just changed my degree - two extra classes in one extra year and I'll be qualified for it. Ha! I work a minimum wage job on the weekends and a decent job in childcare during the week. I have moneyz. Well, not so much, but enough that I can order the latest Dresden Files book and not feel guilty about it!
Additionally, I now have a massive LCD TV in my living room. That's certainly an improvement.
My cat now likes sleeping on my car in his older age. Not so much an improvement! Everyone has it in for my car. In the last 6 months, it has been hit twice. The second repair will occur shortly.
Seriously, people, STOP HITTING MY CAR.
It's like hitting my cat!
This is HyperCaz signing out.




Nothing says "I digress" better than that.
- The Immunity Thread

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